My latest paintings

drawing, painting, sketchbook

Haven’t posted anything here in a while, so here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

  1. Made a Millennium Falcon painting for a friend:

millennium falcon big

I drew it in pencil on a black canvas first and then painted it whith white oil paint. It took quite a long time because of all the details, but it was lots of fun. Here are some in-progress photos:


  1. Also I’ve been painting some watercolor sketches:

IMG_20160125_124537IMG_20160206_0011 ps


  1. And apart from that I also joined an illustration marathon by Ellina Ellis (it’s on Instagram #денькрокодила). So far I’ve done two of the topics, the first one was kings and queens and the second was little bird.




Three-legged Crow (Chinese Sun spirit)


Three-legged crow (Chinese Sun spirit)

I finished this painting about a month ago, but didn’t have time to photograph it properly until now.

A three-legged crow (三足乌) or Golden crow (金乌) is the Sun spirit in Chinese mythology. It lives in the Fusang tree (扶桑), which is a giant mulberry tree in the Eastern Seas, and travels the sky in a carriage every day. Originally there were ten crows and ten suns in the world, but they bothered people by coming out all at once and making the world burn, so some archer shot nine of them down, making the species nearly extinct. Now there’s only one left.

Fish and bear paw – can’t have both


While preparing to a Classical Chinese class today, I came upon a popular chapter from Mencius (4th century BC) that mentions a hard choice between two of his most favorite delicacies, fish and bear paw, when he can’t have both. The choice is supposed to be a really hard one (and he chooses bear paw, which is supposed to sound really logical to the guy he’s talking to). This chapter is included in all the Classical Chinese textbooks, so I’ve read it many times, but each time I see it I still find it very funny, because I have this picture of the great philosopher standing in a supermarket and choosing between some fish and a packaged bear paw.
So this time I just couldn’t help it and made an illustration.


The bubble reads “I can have both an once! Isn’t it wonderful!!” in Ancient Chinese. And the sign on the shelf is a typical Chinese supermarket sign that says “buy one get one free”.

pumpkin sketch

drawing, sketchbook

I got a beautiful pumpkin for my birthday a couple days ago, so today I made a sketch of it, and I like how it turned out.
I might try a watercolor later to capture the color too.


black paper sketchbook

drawing, sketchbook

Here are some spreads brom my sketchbook. I’ve been really into drawing on black paper with white pens lately.





drawing, sketchbook

Here are some more of my sketchbook spreads that I did after watching Lisa Congdon’s class on Creativebug.





Here’s the link to the class:

Waves and seagulls


A spread from my sketchbook after watching the first part of Lisa Congdon’s Sketchbook Explorations class on Creativebug:


Here’s a link to the class:

Don’t know what to draw, draw a dragon


I haven’t drawn anything for a few weeks now because I injured my right hand while lifting some heavy boxes, but now it’s finally  better enough to draw with a pencil (it turns out drawing with pens requires a lot more physical effort).

Anyway, I wanted to draw something and just chose the first thing that popped into my head, which happened to be a dragon. Being a big nerd when it comes to dragons, I wanted to draw one that’s anatomically convincing, so I started with a skeleton sketch, then printed it out and traced it for the final drawing.

IMG_20150719_0008 2 IMG_20150719_0009 2 IMG_20150719_0002

watercolor tulips and leaves


Painted these two watercolors the other day. It was hard to photograph them both without getting the colors wrong, so here are separate photos of each one:

tulips #1 b

leaves #1 1

I’ve been playing around with Adobe Illustrator lately, so I used it to make these leaves into a pattern. I’ve never done this before, so it took me a couple hours to get everything right, but I think it turned out pretty cool. Here’s a photo of how it looks on leggings and pillows in my Society6 shop:



I also like the phone cases:


watercolor florals



I painted these two watercolor florals today, which was a great way to procrastinate making an end-of-term test for my students. Still had to do it afterwards, but at least this way it didn’t feel like I’ve spent all Sunday working.

I like the left one better, in fact I even uploaded it to my Society6 Shop. Here’s a close-up picture:

floral #2 white
I also like how it looks on iphone cases, pillows and cards: