Sketchbook patterns

drawing, sketchbook

Here are two of my latest sketchbook spreads:



Somewhere in the middle of one of these pages I suddenly realised that I use the same process for drawing this kind of patterns as I do while preparing lesson plans (I teach Mandarin Chinese). I put together different kinds of class activities, and then I step back and look if the overall picture is balanced. Then I think something like “there’s too much listening in a row, l should add some reading” and it’s the same as “there is too much triangles here, it would be better to add some lines or circles”.

I’ve never thought of this before, but it seems that I mostly think of my lesson plans in terms of pattern-like balance and compositional beauty, instead of just what is useful for my students’ learning process.

Sketchbook pages

drawing, sketchbook

spiral 1
spiral mandala 1

spiral 2

Koxinga’s Shrine in Tainan (Taiwan)

drawing, sketchbook

Another sketch from my trip to Taiwan:

magenta 11

Sketchbook pages from Taiwan

drawing, sketchbook

Here are some sketches from the two weeks I spent in Taiwan.

A girl from the hostel in Taipei:


People and other fragments of the classroom where we had most of our classes:

magenta 10


drawing, sketchbook

Here are some more pages from one of my sketchbooks. I use this one to draw with ink pens and brush pens.






Rereading The Lord of the Rings – 2

drawing, sketchbook

Another LotR-related sketch:

elvish boat  |  Micron pen in a sketchbook

elvish boat | Micron pen in a sketchbook

In spite of there already being millions of Tolkien illustrations out there (some of them pretty cool, others not so much), for some reason I just can’t help drawing these. I guess it’s just that kind of book: you can’t read it without pictures forming in your head.


painting, sketchbook

Here are some pages from my sketchbook:

moleskin 1_10

My nieces:

moleskin 1_8moleskin 1_4 moleskin 1_7moleskin 1_5 moleskin 1_6 moleskin 1_2 moleskin 1_3

moleskin 1_1 moleskin 1_9