flying by


bird spirit (flying by)

I wasn’t even planning on painting something mythological when I started this one. Actually, I wasn’t planning anything at all – I just had some vague ideas about what colors and shapes I want. But then this white figure started taking form, and there were feathers, and I realised it’s going to be some kind of bird spirit. I love it how unpredictable paintings can be sometimes.

Sketchbook pages

drawing, sketchbook

spiral 1
spiral mandala 1

spiral 2

White forest


Here’s my new oil painting. I finished it just before leaving for Taiwan almost three weeks ago, but didn’t have enough time to photograph it properly until now.

white forest

I also took some in-progress photos. I had to use my phone, so the quality of the images is pretty low, but you can still see how the painting changes.

white forest progress 1

white forest progress 2

white forest progress 3

white forest progress 4

white forest progress 5

white forest progress 6

P.S. Art Prints available in my Society6 shop.


drawing, sketchbook

Here are some more pages from one of my sketchbooks. I use this one to draw with ink pens and brush pens.






Another abstract watercolor

untitled #2  |  watercolor on paper

untitled #2 | watercolor on paper

And this is how it looks printed on pillows and tote bags:

untitled #2 pillow photo untitled #2 tote photo

Abstract watercolor

drawing, painting
watercolor and ink pen on paper

watercolor and ink pen on paper

I like how it looks on pillows and other stuff like phone cases and laptop skins on Society6:

untitled #1 pillow photo

Pink moon, silver wind


Here is one of my latest watercolor paintings:

pink moon silver wind  |  watercolor on paper

pink moon silver wind | watercolor on paper


painting, sketchbook

Here are some pages from my sketchbook:

moleskin 1_10

My nieces:

moleskin 1_8moleskin 1_4 moleskin 1_7moleskin 1_5 moleskin 1_6 moleskin 1_2 moleskin 1_3

moleskin 1_1 moleskin 1_9