two spring-inspired watercolors



spring #1 1

spring #2

The Forest


Another watercolor:

Green forest

I painted this just before leaving for Taiwan three weeks ago, and I was thinking about all the green I remembered from my previous trips there. Also, I’m still rereading The Lord of the Rings, and I just got to the Fangorn chapters at that point.

White forest


Here’s my new oil painting. I finished it just before leaving for Taiwan almost three weeks ago, but didn’t have enough time to photograph it properly until now.

white forest

I also took some in-progress photos. I had to use my phone, so the quality of the images is pretty low, but you can still see how the painting changes.

white forest progress 1

white forest progress 2

white forest progress 3

white forest progress 4

white forest progress 5

white forest progress 6

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Rereading The Lord of the Rings

the golden forest  |  watercolor on paper

the golden forest | watercolor on paper