Sketchbook pages

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spiral 1
spiral mandala 1

spiral 2


Another Mandarin textbook illustration


To my surprise (I’ve been teaching Chinese for a few years now and never tried doing textbook illustrations until a few weeks ago), I realised that I was sitting there grading my students’ homework and  thinking about possible illustrations of the lesson we are currently on in our textbook. And since drawing textbook illustrations is a great way to procrastinate grading piles of homework, it’s obvious which I chose to do.

The dialog in the textbook is about a student who has so much schoolwork that she spends all her weekends studying in her room. Only after finishing the bedside table I realised that the furniture layout in the room in the picture was exactly the same as my dorm in Shanghai two years ago.

zai sushe xuexi sketch

Buying fruit – Mandarin Chinese textbook sketch


Following a long discussion with my colleagues about the illustrations in the Mandarin textbook we use at work  (which are not too great, to put it mildly), I came up with a quick sketch for the topic I was teaching this morning – buying fruit.

Mai shuiguo - textbook illustration sketch

Sketchbook pages from Taiwan

drawing, sketchbook

Here are some sketches from the two weeks I spent in Taiwan.

A girl from the hostel in Taipei:


People and other fragments of the classroom where we had most of our classes:

magenta 10

Mandarin Chinese textbook illustrations


I’m in Taiwan for a short Mandarin teacher program, and in one of the classes we had to make a sample of a Mandarin textbook for Russian students. We had to choose a holiday and make a lesson about it. Our topic was Easter, and we finished the main assignment pretty quick, so I had time to add some illustrations. As a result we won a best-textbook award from our professor (consisting of chocolate cookies), because our project was the only one that had illustrations. ^_^

Here are some of the pages:




drawing, sketchbook

Here are some more pages from one of my sketchbooks. I use this one to draw with ink pens and brush pens.






Abstract watercolor

drawing, painting
watercolor and ink pen on paper

watercolor and ink pen on paper

I like how it looks on pillows and other stuff like phone cases and laptop skins on Society6:

untitled #1 pillow photo

Rereading The Lord of the Rings – 2

drawing, sketchbook

Another LotR-related sketch:

elvish boat  |  Micron pen in a sketchbook

elvish boat | Micron pen in a sketchbook

In spite of there already being millions of Tolkien illustrations out there (some of them pretty cool, others not so much), for some reason I just can’t help drawing these. I guess it’s just that kind of book: you can’t read it without pictures forming in your head.