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This is a self-portrait I did today using pencil and watercolor. I’ve drawn self-portraits before, but never done it with watercolor. It’s really small, the paper is just slightly bigger than a postcard, so it was pretty easy, but  I like how it turned out.

self-portrait 2016-07-16 sign




A portrait of my niece


Made a pencil sketch of my youngest niece from a photo:

spiral Dusya cropped

An old self-portrait


Found this sketch from about two years ago, back from when I still had long hair. I can’t figure out what exactly I like about it, but there’s something in it that feels right – even though it’s old, pale and unfinished.

self-portrait 1

Sketchbook pages from Taiwan

drawing, sketchbook

Here are some sketches from the two weeks I spent in Taiwan.

A girl from the hostel in Taipei:


People and other fragments of the classroom where we had most of our classes:

magenta 10



I was browsing through my paintings looking for one of them, and I thought it would be good to gather all of the dragon-related paintings in one post. So here they are.

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P.S. I’ll be updating this post when I have other paintings or drawings with the same theme.


painting, sketchbook

Here are some pages from my sketchbook:

moleskin 1_10

My nieces:

moleskin 1_8moleskin 1_4 moleskin 1_7moleskin 1_5 moleskin 1_6 moleskin 1_2 moleskin 1_3

moleskin 1_1 moleskin 1_9